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The Sweaters You Will Be Needing This Season

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Sweaters, the trademark of fall clothing, signify the arrival of cool autumn days and offer a pleasant middle ground until jackets become necessary.

Classic stitches and designs, such as cable knits, are making a comeback this season as designers celebrate sweater weather by creating a wide variety of them.

The sweater is an overlooked yet essential autumn staple. It’s a layering garment you probably haven’t purchased in years since you like to wear just a few well-worn, neutral designs beneath your striking coat.

When the temperature outside drops, the first thing we go for is our favorite autumn sweater instead of our jeans, coat, or even boots.

Of course, we love wearing sleeveless, cut-out tank tops and light shirts while it’s hot outdoors, but when the temperature drops, nothing beats being bundled up in many layers of soft fabric.

Here we have selected several basic sweaters you must have this season. Scroll down to find your fav!

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Photo By @amyjanegarrity/Instagram

Street-style sweaters are the first category most women look into. These simple yet stylish sweaters are indeed versatile and go with any outfit regardless of the occasion, making you very comfortable.

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