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The Surprising Three Rules Every Skincare Girly Lives By

Have you ever met a woman that has skin so smooth it looks like she has a blurring filter on her face? Like where are your pores? You can’t help but feel a slight glimpse of jealousy and wonder — What is she doing that I’m not? Realistically speaking, the way our skin looks has a lot to do with our genes, lifestyle, age, and, of course, our hormones. Skincare alone often won’t be enough, at least for the majority of us. But there are still certain things that can improve the way our complexion looks. Here are three skincare rules that you should live by. 

Light hydrating layers 

The key to glowing skin is hydration. However, not just any type of hydration will work. Especially if you have combination or oily skin. Most thicker moisturizers will make your face look more oily than glowy. That’s why most skincare girlies swear by the “7 skins” method.

This method comes straight from Korea, the land known for its amazing and revolutionary skincare products. And while the name “7 skins” does sound a bit odd, it has nothing to do with adding additional layers of skin to your face.

Toners are often referred to as ‘skins’ in Korea, so this method involves applying seven layers of your favorite hydrating toner to your face. Light hydrating layers are more likely to penetrate into your skin and make your complexion radiant instead of greasy.

If you’re not a fan of toners, you can also use other light hydrating products, such as facial mists or serums. The ingredients that you should be looking for are glycerin, hyaluronic acid, aloe vera water, beta-glucan, panthenol, or trehalose. 

Gentle exfoliation 

Listen, I used to think that the only thing that can exfoliate my face is The Ordinary’s AHA & BHA serum. So when I tell you that you should focus on more gentle exfoliation options, you better believe me. You don’t have to see immediate results for a product to be effective. 

Aggressive chemical peels can seriously damage your skin barrier, and leave your face red, itchy, and inflamed. You could even develop additional breakouts due to the lack of protection from your skin barrier. While the AHA & BHA serum from The Ordinary is an amazing product when used correctly, most people are still better off with something less potent. 

If you’re a newbie to the skincare world, start slow. That’s one of the best skincare rules you can follow. You can opt for products with ingredients such as mandelic acid, polyhydroxy acids, lactic acid, or salicylic acid. You can use the once to twice a week, depending on how your skin tolerates it. 

Let your face air dry 

Did you know that towels can be irritating your skin as well? This is especially true if you’re sensitive to things such as fabric softener. In addition to that, a lot of us may forget to change up our towels, and they’ll start to collect bacteria.

So instead of drying your face with a towel after washing it, allow it a few minutes to air dry. This is one of the best skincare rules. You can even start applying your skincare products while your face is still slightly damp. This could help the products sink in more effectively, and you’ll also be left with an additional layer of moisture.

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