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The Step Mullet Is the Unexpected Summer Hair Trend

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This is the season of short haircuts. An array of celebs decided to swap their lengths for a chic bob. The bob is a universally flattering hairstyle that makes life easier. Unlike long hair, you can style the bob in minutes and it will look fabulous every time. Although the bob offers plenty of styling opportunities, bold gals might find it too mainstream. Those seeking something more avant-garde and edgy have established a new trend this summer. The early aughts step mullet just got a modern upgrade. Read on to discover the 2019 way to wear this daring haircut.

Mullet Hair Trend
Photo By @double3xposure/Instagram

Allow us to remind you what is step mullet haircut. It’s bob and a shorter bob in the front that acts as a substitute for bangs. You can get the style with bangs by adding a shorter layer in addition to the two other layers. Similar to steps on a staircase, hair needs to be cut in well-defined tiers.

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