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The Solo Traveller’s Guide To Visiting Melbourne, Australia

Travelling is food for the soul. Nothing will fill your bucket like exploring a new city, countryside or town. The new sights, tastes, smells and experiences will nurture your soul like no other experience. There’s nothing quite like a holiday in a previously unknown location, discovering all that the place has to offer.

And travelling solo has its benefits, such as not having to negotiate anything with anyone, going where you want when you want and enjoying solitude – which for some people, particularly introverts, can be bliss. 

This article will share the solo traveller’s guide to visiting Melbourne, Australia. Oft voted the world’s most liveable city, Melbourne is a cultural jewel, with a multitude of sights, landmarks, institutions and hot spots to visit. Read on to discover more.

Stay at a Luxury Hotel

You may want to choose a luxury hotel to stay in, such as the Grand Hyatt Melbourne. If you’re by yourself, you can get a smaller suite, so it won’t cost nearly as much as if you were with more people. You’ll also be able to luxuriate in the comforts afforded by a five-star hotel and take advantage of the services offered. 

For a solo trip, you want to stay somewhere comfortable, stylish and grand, and a luxury hotel ticks all these boxes.

Visit the National Gallery of Victoria

This is Victoria’s premier art gallery, with plenty of exhibits to explore. There is an extensive collection of modern and classical art on display, and depending on the time of year you visit, you can even sometimes catch a special exhibition. Picasso, Munch, Monet and more have graced the walls of the NGV over the years.

Visit Chinatown

Melbourne’s Chinatown is a must-visit location when you’re spending time in this city. There is a literal array of restaurants to eat at. Whether you want to eat dumplings, hot pot, sweet and sour pork or wonton soup, you won’t walk away disappointed. 

Go Bar Hopping

Melbourne is famed for its bars and drinking culture. There are so many hidden bars tucked away, down alleyways and hidden underground. You won’t struggle to find a place to drink during your stay in Melbourne. Some joints to check out include E55, Cookie, Rooftop and Loch and Key. Don’t stress about going alone, you might even make some friends while you’re out for the night. 

Visit The Melbourne Museum and IMAX

Just a short tram ride away in adjoining Carlton, the Melbourne Museum is definitely worth a visit. It offers plenty to see for the solo traveller. There are multiple permanent exhibits across its two floors, including a lush rainforest exhibit that is situated outside. While you’re there, why not see a movie at IMAX on the gigantic screen? IMAX will show a mix of documentaries and Hollywood blockbusters, so there is something for every taste. 

Visit St Kilda Beach

No visit to Melbourne would be complete without a visit to St Kilda and its famous beach. Melbournians and backpackers flock here in summer to soak up the rays and go for a dip in the ocean. You may want to avoid it at night if you don’t like rowdy crowds, as it can get a bit full on. Mid-morning to noon on a weekday is probably the perfect time to visit. 

St Kilda also has a wide variety of cafes, restaurants and bars, so you can get something delicious to eat and knock back a few drinks while you visit. There is also an eclectic mix of shops, so you can go shopping for souvenirs and gifts while you’re there. 

Wander Through The Vibrant Markets

Depending on the time of year you visit Melbourne, you’ll be able to see some excellent markets. The Winter Night Market in Queen Victoria Market is a must-visit. You’ll find a mix of food trucks and stalls to get a feed in, and usually, someone is selling delectably spiced mulled wine as well. You can also browse the stalls full of handmade arts and crafts, clothing, and fashion accessories. 

Another market worth visiting is the Docklands Community Market, which runs every second Sunday of the month, from late June to late November every year. Find artisan bread, tasty treats, excellent coffee and various gifts on display, perfect to take back home to your loved ones. 

This is a perfect solo activity, as you can take your time to browse without worrying about anyone else. Just soak up the ambience and stroll around at your leisure. 

A Solo Summary

In this helpful blog article, we’ve shared the solo traveller’s guide to visiting Melbourne, Australia. While this is a comprehensive list, there is much more to do in this gorgeous city. We recommend researching before your trip and planning other activities that aren’t listed here. You could spend months in Melbourne and not explore it all. There are always hidden surprises to uncover as you explore the city and surrounding suburbs. 

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