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I have to be completely honest…sometimes I get paralyzed by fear…fear of the unknown…fear of the future…fear of that dreaded question “what if?”, what if things don’t work out the way I want? What if they don’t like me? What if I can’t do it? And it list goes on and on.


We are all human…we all have doubts and fears, it’s how we deal with our inner struggles that make us getup and standout. When I’m not being mindful of Gods presence, the fear can overtake me and brainwash me into believing that I’m not good enough and I don’t deserve more…that I’m powerless to move forward and unable to control my body, mind and soul. When I loose sight of God in the midst of uncertainty, my existence becomes dark and painful, I can’t find the hope I so desperately cling to in my life. These are some of the most frightening and lonely moments we can experience as humans…these are the moments when we truly separate ourselves from God…unnatural to the core!…but human nonetheless.


In these moments of fear, we need to stop focusing on ourselves and our ego…and come back to the reality that there is a God so much bigger than all of this and so much bigger than any problem we face. Our ego so often gets in the way…EGO is clearly an acronym for Edging God Out. I’m pretty sure that most of our inner human warfare happens when we are disconnected from our God. I think that’s part of our lifelong struggle…finding our deep connection and staying connected. God is not far away on some cloud in outer space…God is in all things…God is in me…in you…to the left, right, up and down…God is everywhere. When I find God within, I find a strength and power that’s unmatched…a force greater than me with a vision of myself so much grander than anything I could ever imagine. When we are rooted in the spirit of God, we bare ripened fruit to help us on our life journey:
love, peace, joy, patients, kindness, gentleness, goodness, faithfulness and self control.
These are fruits of the spirit, gifts from God. When I meditate on these gifts, I find great strength.


I try to always remind myself that I speak to God in prayer…but I listen to God in meditation.
Be still and listen…God is whispering your name…God is there…God is within…and God is love.


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