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It’s a new time, a new age, things must change, things must be different. We cannot continue doing the same old things. Someone or something needs to change. Why not us!? We’ve been given the visions. We’ve been given the opportunity. All we need now is the strength and courage so we will recognize in ourselves that we were chosen to implement the awesome responsibility of change.


I’ve learned that in this life people are not going to always be the people we want them to be. And the stories we create in our heads about a relationship can be so self damaging and extremely destructive. I discovered that when I was in the midst of a bad situation I had to find a place in my head and a space in my heart to change the story I was telling myself…not to lie to myself or make up a story, but to change my perspective, the way I was telling it to myself. To basically make a negative a positive. I had to dig deep in myself to come up with a way to resolve a difficult relationship and I had to do it within me. I can’t be responsible for changing another person, I can only change myself. I have no control nor do I have the right to try and make someone be the way I want them to be. I have to except people for who they are without judgement. Negativity is poison and I don’t have any desire to poison myself or to poison someone else. I would much rather find that space in myself where I’m able to love without limit, boundless and free…just to be grateful and full of peace.


Sometimes just by saying yes, we can start a change, cause a shift. Often God answers our prayers though people, situations and opportunities. Learn to say yes. If someone offers you a job but you don’t feel qualified or you don’t have the confidence…say yes anyway, it’s a chance to stretch yourself, learn and grow. It may just be what you were praying for…you’ll never know if you don’t say yes! If someone ask you on a date…say yes! It may just be the partner you were searching for. If a co-worker ask you to take a yoga class…say yes! It may just be the peace you were praying for. Get yourself more comfortable saying yes…get out of your comfort zone…take chances. God so often uses people to deliver answers to prayer and cause a shift that will start a change.


Just being kind to someone can cause a major shift. We may never know how much someone is hurting…we could be standing right next to someone who is totally broken and fighting a terrible battle inside…a simple act of kindness could completely change their day…it could even change their life…we should open our hearts to love…be judgment free…and most of all, just be kind.


This is one of my favorite ways to cause a simple shift; Go out and buy yourself a sunflower, just one. Look deeply and mindfully at your sunflower…feel it’s healing warmth. Accept the peace and love that’s generated from the sunflower and passed to you. Trust me, it will add a depth to your day that will bless you beyond measure and cause a definite mood shift and change in a positive direction.


Fill your days with a sense of magic. Dream a beautiful dream. Live in glamorous wonderment. Elevate your body’s vibrations. Cultivate a giving heart. Awaken with passionate gratitude. Dance a brilliant madness. Float in peaceful confidence. Read an inspirational book. Kiss someone who thinks your fabulous. And don’t forget to Create…write, paint, draw, sing or build. Find your authenticity. Live as only you know how. Let us grow…let us learn…let us love…let us shift.let us change.and let us blossom in the full expression of God’s design.


The shift begins with me, it begins with you. It’s up to us to implement change, to cause a shift in a positive direction. We have the power within ourselves to create the shift that will begin the change. There is always magic in the Shift, and glory in the Change. It’s up to us.




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