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Beauty Tip to Keep Your Lips Soft and Kissable with Liquid Lipstick

Here’s How Candace Kita Gets Supple and Soft Lips while Using Liquid Lipstick

Many women love matte liquid lipsticks. They are practical, perfect for any situation, and easy-to-wear. However, if you’ve worn your fair share of liquid lipsticks, then you know that that they can quickly dry out your lips. The charm of having long-lasting color comes with the disadvantage of having dry lips. So, it’s an important task in this scenario to achieve soft lips. To keep your lips fresh and supple, Candace Kita is here with a tip for you.

First, apply your liquid lipstick as you normally would. In this video, Candace uses Glamour Garden in the color “Katarina.” Next, grab your favorite lip balm. (There are many great vegan and cruelty-free brands out there. When choosing, we encourage you to try one of those.) Don’t apply the lip balm directly to your lip, as that might smear your lip color. Instead, tap a little bit of the balm on your finger and pat it onto your lips gently over the color. Repeat this as many times as needed for soft lips. And, that’s it! After a few pats, you are good to go! Now you can have soft lips while wearing matte liquid lipsticks!



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