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The Secret Powers of the Evil Eye Necklace

When it comes to protection from the world’s mystic wicked forces, there’s perhaps no charm more renowned or recognized than the evil eye. Universal in its use, the prominent image of the cobalt-blue eye has appeared not only in the local Greek streets of Mykonos and Santorini, but also in the marketplaces of Istanbul and all over the place from the pages of comic books to the sides of aircraft.

In more recent times, evil eye imagery has frequently appeared in the fashion world. Top celebrities have been photographed on several occasions sporting evil eye jewelry from head pieces and bracelets to necklaces featuring this iconic symbol. But what are the real secret powers behind the symbol on jewelry?

History of the Evil Eye

The evil eye, also known as a ‘nazar’ is an amulet that is believed to offer protection to humans against the ‘evil eye.’ Cultural traditions from various parts of the world have it that if a person gets an ‘evil eye’ glance from a foe or enemy, it can be enough to be deadly or occasion great unhappiness and harm.

In ancient Greece, it was believed that the human eye has the power to discharge unseen rays of energy that can harm humans and even animals. Outside of Greece, the evil eye has a rich history as a talisman of protection spanning across the Mediterranean, Africa, Asia, and Arab countries. This history also spans different religions from Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, and Jewish. In Turkey, the talisman is regarded as an appropriate gift to give a newborn baby (especially those considered most vulnerable to the evil eye curse. In most Muslim traditions, a person who wishes you well offers it as a blessing in order to ward off the curse.

Reasons to Wear the Evil Eye Jewelry

Wearing the protective symbol as a protection from negative energy and evil or for good fortune is a cultural commonality amongst many cultures from different parts of the world. It is believed that the symbol can offer several benefits when worn as jewelry.

  • It offers you protection: Keeping an evil eye talisman or charm  in the form of jewelry close will protect from harmful forces and evil spirits, particularly the malevolent glare believed to inflict the unsuspecting or unaware.
  • It keeps danger at bay: whether it’s your house flooding, becoming infested by vermin, or your car breaking down, the evil eye keeps a protective watch over things to maintain prosperity and peace.
  • It promotes good health: it is believed that if the evil eye casts a misfortune over a person, it can result in all sorts of ailments from fatigue, diarrhea, depression and insomnia. By carrying or wearing an evil eye charm, it is believed to keep you healthy and happy.

There are several ways you can boost your karma using the evil eye. You can keep it close by having it attached to a necklace or bracelet. It can also be attached to your car’s key chain/ring. You can also gift someone evil eye jewelry or hang it in your house.


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