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The pros and cons of the Brazilian butt lift

There has been a lot of debate about the Brazilian butt lift, with some physicians saying it is not a good idea, while others recommend it. It is therefore a good idea to be informed about what exactly the pros and cons of this procedure are and what the procedure involves.

The butt lift is a cosmetic surgical procedure that is done as a way to augment and enhance the appearance of the buttocks, gluteal region.

Cosmetic surgery does have its advantages and disadvantages and a factor to consider besides cost is your overall state of health. Consulting with a specialist at a clinic such as the Vera Clinic that offers this and other cosmetic procedures, is a good idea. The consultation can give you more insight into whether or not you would qualify for the procedure.

The pros of the Brazilian butt lift

The outcome of the butt lift can be very good, and can make a person look more attractive. There is actually no reason you can’t have a good outcome provided you do your homework. This means that you need to be careful in selecting the clinic and surgeon who will perform the work, only properly certified surgeons should be considered.

An autologous butt lift works well and it is safer than methods that use artificial materials. This is because an autologous procedure uses your own body tissues, which stops the immune system from responding and causing problems.

Another advantage of the butt lift is the way an autologous procedure is done. The surgeon removes fat from the hips, thighs and belly and adds this to the gluteal or buttocks region to create the butt lift. In the process then the removal of fat from problem areas can sculpt the body into a more curvaceous and attractive appearance. 

The cons of the Brazilian butt lift

There are some drawbacks to the Brazilian butt lift procedure. On the one hand you cannot be too thin if you are having an autologous procedure done and at the same time, being too overweight also would disqualify you from the surgery because this increases the risks of complications.

The procedure can be dangerous but generally the risks are only high if you go to a clinic that is not reputable. The main two risks associated with the Brazilian butt lift are due to the use of general anesthesia and due to the procedure itself.

Anesthetic is a risk factor, though, in any type of surgery and is not limited to this particular procedure. The other main risk is the development of a fat embolism. This is basically a piece of fat that travels through the blood vessels and lodges in the lungs or heart, often killing the person. This only happens if the surgeon injects fat into a blood vessel, which emphasizes the importance of selecting a reputable clinic with certified and accredited surgeons. The risk of complications can be greatly minimized if you take care in researching facilities and surgeons. 

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