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The Price of Beauty: Here are The Most Extreme Celebrity Beauty Treatments

If there’s something we can say with total certainty, is that eccentricities are the bread and butter of
Hollywood. The more bizarre and innovative a beauty treatment sounds, the more celebs will try it and swear by their efficiency. Sometimes these treatments involve extreme conditions or ingredients that you had never thought of applying them to your face, but the stars will do whatever it takes to have a flawless skin.

In more than one opportunity, celebrities have attributed their incredible skin to expensive and exotic treatments, even in those cases when their efficiency has been questioned; it’s always better to take any new extreme beauty trend with a grain of salt.
But, in case that you thought you had heard everything about such bizarre routines, here is a list with some of the most extreme beauty treatments that celebs are loving right now!


A kind of acupuncture, but more extreme, apitherapy consists of being stung by a bee up to 80 times; this is obviously not a vegan treatment. Supposedly the bee venom helps reduce pain and inflammation, in addition to relieving any symptoms of arthritis, fibromyalgia, neuralgia, etc. Among the celebs that practice it is the owner of
Goop herself, Gwyneth Paltrow, who has claimed to be a fan of this treatment. Of course, like everything, it can have side effects and, in the case of apitherapy, the list is long. One fatality has even been recorded in a patient; a woman died from an anaphylactic shock after months of treatment.

Vampire Facials

This treatment became popular right after Kim Kardashian uploaded a photo to his Instagram with her face covered in blood. The goal of this procedure is to accelerate cell renewal and reaffirm the skin through the plasma in your blood. Some users have reported experiencing inflammation, pain, and bruising after undergoing the facial. Kim herself stated on her blog that she regretted having tried it and would never do it again: “It was too difficult and painful for me. They were filming for my show, so I did not feel like I could back out of it. Honestly it has been the most painful experience ever!”

Tonight on Kourtney & Kim Take Miami!!! #VampireFacial #kktm

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Also known as “Cold Therapy”, it consists of entering a chamber where the temperature is freezingly low. Allegedly, this helps reduce swelling and increase your energy. If you are thinking about trying it, you should read this first: the FDA denounced the treatment as risky and stated that there is no real evidence on its effectiveness. Among the celebs that hop on the beauty trend are Mandy Moore, Jessica Alba, Gigi Hadid, and Jessica Biel.

Placenta facial

If you just read the name and asked yourself who would be willing to try this treatment, we have the answer: Harry Styles. The argument of these facials is that the placenta stem cells will stimulate the production of collagen, resulting in a rejuvenating effect. But if you’re looking for any scientific fact, there is no evidence to support these claims.

Munich, Live On Tour.

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Leech Therapy

Yes, you read it well. It’s exactly as it sounds: This treatment consists of placing the leeches on damaged parts of your skin, in order to restore them. The saliva of these animals contains peptides and proteins that claim to be beneficial for the skin. There are no scientific studies that support its efficiency; we can only count on the word of Demi Moore, who swears by it and says that is her secret to maintaining her perfect skin.

What celebrities do for perfect skin — crazy! Would you try any of these treatments?



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