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The Prettiest Rainbow Hair Colors to Rock During Pride Month

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Since pride month has already started, it’s time to think embrace vibrant colors. The rainbow flag is a symbol of the community, so naturally, everything rainbow-themed can be used to show your support or involvement along with other initiatives. Here you can find some of the most amazing rainbow hair colors to rock during pride month. Whether you prefer something outrageous or more minimalistic, we guarantee you’ll find a winning idea on this list. Scroll down and pin your favorites for your next meeting with your colorist!

the prettiest rainbow hair colors to rock during pride month
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Photo By @kayla.blkhrt/Instagram

Pastel shades are among the most popular choices for rainbow hair colors. Choose different tones to create a rainbow effect and give your strands a playful vibe. This dye job is pretty muted and it will soften your appearance.

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