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The Political Pandemic Panic Board Game Brings Humor and Fun to These Uncertain Times

Though the world is starting to open back up, there are still many locations stuck in quarantine. And for them, the boredom is real. Mix that with the looming drama for the upcoming election, and you may just find panic. But don’t worry, we found a new game that is loads of fun for all ages and filled with just enough sarcasm to get you through this election and the pandemic.

Political Pandemic Panic is now on Kickstarter! It’s been a while since we’ve seen such a fun, long-awaited game try for crowdfunding, and we can’t wait to see it funded so we can play it all the time.

Political Pandemic Panic is the game of secret agendas and sabotage! Face your friends in the most dangerous of all sports, a race for presidency. Gather votes and pile up plenty of funds while keeping your true, hideous nature a secret from your closest friends. Avoid the ongoing and ever-present pandemic. Make everyone laugh uncontrollably during debates to dull the pain. (Debate cards contain ridiculous, funny non-controversial questions and answers so you can play with anyone in the family and avoid drama.) Use brutal political tactics and merciless strategy to get any leg up you can!

In Political Pandemic Panic, you and your friends each play as a presidential candidate with a secret agenda. Take turns moving across the different territories of the United States. Secure votes at rallies, seek out more funding, call for debates with your rivals, even sabotage or challenge them. Try to figure out what your friends are in time to stop their aspirations while carefully progressing your own.

You can put yourself in the race for president today by funding a $55 reward level so you can get your own copy of the game with a few additional goodies.

As someone who has played this game, personally, I highly recommend it! It’s fun playing with 3 people and just as much fun with 8! And it doesn’t broach any “real” political issues, so it’s great for family events with adults and children of all ages. The debates are all jokes and not in any way a tool to force a real political discussion. It’s all in good fun no matter your political views. It’s fun for younger players and very witty for adults, too.

So, run for president today by reserving your own copy of Political Pandemic Panic!


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