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The Online Casino Games Most Loved by Women

Most people who play casino games feel that there are far more men than women in the gambling world. However, in reality, they are almost always looking in the wrong place! Most women prefer slot games than anything else. It’s a misconception that the fairer sex is only into bingo.

MyChance online casino is one such platform where you can enjoy a great multitude of top-rated slot games and also receive a handsome $1000 welcome bonus when you sign up with them. Not just that, they award new users with 50 free spins, too! What’s even better is that you can play at MyChance casino even while you’re on the move, courtesy the mobile version of the platform.

Now, let’s tell you about some more online casino games that are popular among women.


As already mentioned above, women are extremely fond of online slots. In fact, they outnumber men by 12 times at slot games! These games also serve as a good introduction for them to the casino world. While many women love gambling in general, they feel slightly intimidated by the table games. Slots on the other hand are far more thrilling, don’t require a lot of money and are not too complicated.

However, you would be deceived if you think that their winnings are not as high as other casino games. The progressive jackpots you can play at online casinos have the potential to win you millions of dollars. Mega Moolah is an excellent example in this regard. It holds the record for biggest jackpot pay-out in the online world and has created several millionaires over the years.


The roulette wheel often reminds everyone about the Wheel of Fortune. And though both men and women love that show equally, this casino game is more popular with women compared to men. There is something about spinning the wheel and seeing your favorite number landing on your chosen spot, which makes women really go crazy! Although there are no letters of symbols that are turned over in this casino game, dropping your chips on any of the numbers and then winning big is plenty of fun!

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Visit a land-based casino and 6 out of 10 times you will see a woman tossing the dice! Although many feel that men get their wives and girlfriends to craps tables for good luck and also to show them off, if you go about digging a bit you’ll find that women understand craps much better than men. The game might seem complicated on the surface, but is very easy once you start playing it.


There’s no denying the fact that men were the dominant force at poker once. However, women have gradually made big inroads into this domain and are winning more and more poker tournaments these days. What more, this game has inspired several innovative products, for instance board games that get you there!

More seriously, if you look around, there are many female poker role models emerging in every part of the world. This is very encouraging for the younger women who want to take up the game and leave their mark at it. The opinion that women don’t make good poker players is a big myth. And they don’t mind taking advantage of it!


Is Bingo A Woman’s Game?

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