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The Newest Makeup Trends You Just Have To Try Early In The New Year

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Makeup trends tend to arise around the start of a new year, which has happened many times before. So, what exciting things await us in the year 2023? The solution may be found in a fascinating range of understated forms and adventurous appearances.

In all honesty, 2023 is a glamorous mixture of trends, from undetectable, skin-hugging foundations to ultra-shiny, eye-catching glitter makeup.

There will be something for every kind of beauty fan in the makeup trends of 2023, whether they lean toward a more subtle or dramatic aesthetic. As much as we’re being encouraged to go out and try something new, we’re being reassured that it’s okay to remain with what we know thanks to these trends.

A long list of makeup trends is provided below for your convenience. We have selected some of our favorite makeup trends of the new year after researching what celebrities are wearing, what famous makeup artists are recommending, and what is trending on TikTok.

The Newest Makeup Trends You Just Have To Try Early In The New Year 1
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Photo By @olgadann/Instagram

We celebrate Christmas for a month, and Christmas trends must not fade. This makeup is perfect for the occasion with the trendiest makeup trends; glitter eyeshadows.

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