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The Most Stunning Images of Mayan Ruins You Need to See

The Maya civilization is an important part of history. This civilization built their first cities around 750 BC, and since then started expanding in the area of Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, and parts of Honduras. The Maya people had a strong sense of architecture and developed many amazing sites; these Mayan ruins are now huge archaeological attractions.

So far, archeologists have discovered over 4,000 ruins. The larger ones are visited by millions of tourists every year. The guess is, that there is a large number of small astonishing ruins that are still to be discovered. They are located mostly in Yucatan Peninsula, a big part of El Salvador and Honduras, Guatemala and Belize.

For all travel and adventure junkies, these ruins are a part of their bucket list. They are a unique sight and speak loudly of an ancient culture that was so impressive that it is still hard to believe.

Chichen Itza is one of the most popular Mayan ruins complexes in the world. The site features a mesmerizing view and the most popular building is the El Castillo pyramid. This is also the most dominant structure in the complex, accompanied by other buildings, courts, and temples that feature impressive architecture. It is located in Tinum Municipality in Yucatan Mexico. Chichen Itza, according to archeologists was the biggest Mayan city and was called Tollans back in the time. More than 1.5 million tourists come to Mexico to visit this amazing site each year.

Tulum is another very popular place to visit. It might not be as big as Chichen Itza, but it is equally beautiful. These Mayan ruins are located 130km south of Cancun and offer the most amazing view of the sea. Tulum National Park has many mesmerizing sites and temples that you will find breathtaking.

Take a look at these stunning Mayan ruins pictures and get inspired to plan your next unique adventure.

Chichen Itza, Yucatan, Mexico

The Most Stunning Images of Mayan Ruins Chichen Itza Ruins
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Photo Credit: Paul Simpson/Flickr

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