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The Most Romantic Surprise Ideas for Her

When it comes to keeping your wife or girlfriend happy, you know they appreciate the little things that you do to show how much you love her and how happy you are she is sharing her life with you.  Short love notes around the house, a bunch of flowers for no reason, taking up one of the chores you know she really hates… all of these are the little surprises most women love.  Truth be told, you don’t always need to get her something tangible. It’s really the small things that matter (something as simple as deciding to send a goodnight text or even a poem is still cute).  Here we look at the most romantic surprise ideas for the lady in your life.

Say it with flowers

It’s not original, but you can make the next bouquet of blooms a real surprise, particularly if you gift the flowers and it is not Valentine’s Day.  Choose 11 real red roses symbolic of your romantic love for her and add a unique natural gold rose that symbolizes the preciousness of your everlasting love. If you buy flowers seemingly spontaneously, she will love it.

Write her a love letter by hand

A hand-written note saying how much you love her is something she will treasure.  Even if your writing is not very clear, the fact that you have sat down to write to let her know what it is you love about her, what you appreciate about her, says it all. Whilst we may have access to phones and instant messages, the touch of the letter and the personal writing make this very special.

Spa trip

Life is busy for all of us, and sometimes, we don’t spend enough time looking after ourselves. Book a couples’ day at a spa where you can pick treatments that you can share like a couple’s massage. Try other treatments, too like a facial or a pedicure. Arrange for family or friends to care for your children so that you and she can concentrate on feeling good. 

First date, again

It is too easy to get caught up in the tasks of daily living. Take time out with your beloved and repeat your first date or one of your favorite first dates, such as a trip to a fancy restaurant or a night under the stars. This will be fun as you reminisce, which is a great foundation from which to share your plans for the future, giving you a chance to think of more romantic surprises, like the romantic getaway she has always wanted to do.

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