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The Most Popular Trends in Fashion 2022

Fashion and clothes are such a fantastic way to express yourself. You can wear pink when you are feeling down or opt for darker hues when mercury is in retrograde. There are quite literally millions of options to choose from. What also makes it difficult for us to decide just exactly what to wear are the copious number of trends available today. Heck, if you are dressing up for a fabulous night out at the roulette tables, you can even check the casino fashion guide for inspiration. Let’s check out the fashion trends that stood out this year.  

Hoodies under blazers

A classic look that makes an appearance every few years. This look has been part of popular culture since the 80s and has long been worn by regular folks. Recently celebrities have joined the cause and made the trend their own. But don’t fret; it’s still a great trend to follow. Fashion experts recommend going for a boxy, oversized blazer and a slightly loose hoodie, and you’ll look hot.  

Bohemian florals

Are we back in the 70s because we swear we’ve seen people rock bell bottom jeans with bohemian floral shirts? But no, it’s 2022, and people are all about peace and love with their wardrobe choices. This coming winter, we expect to see nothing less. Think mustards and browns with white and flowers everywhere, and let’s not forget the flower crown!  

Color clashing

We’ve all heard about color blocking, but what is color clashing? Well, this is when you deliberately wear two or more opposing colors. And man, does it look great. Fashionistas are rocking pink shirts with yellow pants and wearing green sneakers with this outfit. If you look great, then why not? There is certainly nothing wrong with mixing assorted colors.  

Pastel everything

Pastels are those soft colors that just work when you are going for a chic yet stylish look. We saw this earlier in the fall with light jackets and coats, and we are going to see it some more during our winter season. A classic look for pastel colors is to pair baby blue pants with a white shirt and a baby blue blazer.

Trek sole boots

These boots have popped up all over for most of the year. Their popularity is largely to do with the fact that you can pair them with just about anything. We’ve seen people pair them with track pants and oversized coats, and they look stunning. While others paired them with a leather skirt and white crop top – breathtaking! And if you are after some extra height, that’s fine too.


This is just a fashion item that will trend forever, no doubt about it. We’ve seen some popular brands like Nike and Adidas flip the script and give us outlandish versions we love. But purists prefer the standard track pants you can pair with a hoody or denim jacket, a t-shirt or shirt, or even a crop top. They can be worn with both sneakers and high heels.  

Maxi dresses

This one is making us dream about our wonderful summer break all over again. They work so well for warmer days because they are light and flowy and come in a range of colors and styles. Dress them up with a nice pair of wedges and a denim jacket, and you are ready to hit the road.  

Pullover vests

About 12 years ago pull overs sprung into fashion, but only for a little while. This cricket-style jersey can be worn over t-shirts and shirts and has been seen both on and off the runway. They are great for winter and summer and add a unique twist to this year’s fashion trends.  

Bucket hats

We have LL Cool J and Run DMC to thank for first making those Kangol bucket hats popular in the 80s and 90s. Fashion experts have also shared some fabulous advice on how to pair your denim bucket hat with an oversized trench coat. Unsure of how to wear them? Check out some  cool ideas you are going to love.

Boyfriend jeans

These are super comfortable and pair the best with crop tops and Nike Air Force Ones or Jordan Retro Ones. That’s it, that’s the look. There is a lot to this look though. Fashion experts agree that you need to match this pair of jeans carefully and preferably with a crop top. Because you run the risk of looking untidy or lazy. Eek! But we know the fashionistas have got this covered.

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