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The Most Memorable Naked Dresses in Fashion History

Lately, the red carpet has seen several celebrities wear a version of the memorable “naked dress” in more than one version; but this trend is nothing new. From the “almost
nude” looks to the full-on overexposed looks, this is our list of the best un-dressed.

A Groovy Dress

Let’s start with an unforgettable “It Girl”, whose style maintains a legendary status. Jane Birkin, the rebellious superstar, wore a nude dress to the “Slogan” premiere in Paris, 1969.

FRANCE – AUGUST 28: Premiere : “Slogan” by Pierre Grimblat in Paris, France on August 28, 1969-(16555) Serge Gainsourg, Jane Birkin and Pierre Grimblat. (Photo by Yves LE ROUX/Gamma-Rapho via Getty Images)


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