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The Most Gorgeous Honey Blonde Hair Looks EVER

Many new hair trends appear every single day. Most of them include a lot of colors and shades, and are definitely not for everyone, and aren’t here to stay. But there are also the ones, that are classics and are still very popular. If you set aside the rainbow trend, the mermaid one, the unicorn and many other similar ones, you will be left with only a few wearable hairstyles and colors.


The honey blonde is one of the long-lasting hair colors that have been present for quite a while. The best thing about it is that is timeless and flatters every skin tone. It can be done in several different versions that include different hues. For example, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Emma Roberts did a light version of the honey blonde. This is already their recognizable color. Nicole Kidman went with a reddish version that really complements her appearance. Jennifer Lopez and Ciara chose a darker and classier hue.


It is the hair color that will really accent your sun-kissed tan. So, in other words, you still have the time to rock a honey blonde hue before the summer ends. Take a look at the most beautiful honey blonde looks, that can inspire you to make a fun, new change.

Amber Heard

The Most Gorgeous Honey Blonde Hair Looks EVER Amber Heard

Photo Credit: Pinterest

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