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The Most Famous Cafes Worldwide in 2021

For years, people go to cafes not only to get their favorite coffee and other beverages but to meet people, as well. These places serve as great meeting places for people. In fact, a lot of influential figures in history have met in cafes to debate and unleash their creativity. It was even said that some of the most defining works in history were crafted in cafes. So, what are the most famous cafes worldwide?

1. El Quatre Gats (Barcelona)

El Quatre Gats was founded in 1897, and it is known for being the center of the artistic and cultural life of Barcelona, Spain. Additionally, this coffee house is also the meeting place of local artists, including famous Spanish artists like Santiago Rusiñol and Ramon Casas. Aside from that, Picasso also held his first exhibition in this cafe. Today, El Quatre Gats is the perfect place to enjoy a cup of coffee because you are surrounded by great artistic works.

2. Cafe Greco (Rome)

Located in the luxurious shopping street of Rome, Cafe Greco is one of the oldest and most famous cafes worldwide. The reason is not only because of its unique yet elegant interior design. This cafe is also the meeting place of Europe’s historical figures. To this day, Cafe Greco is still the popular hangout of writers, intellectuals, and artists in Rome.

3. New York Cafe (Budapest)

New York Cafe is one of Europe’s most beautiful cafes, and it is located in Hotel Boscolo, Budapest. Today, a lot of tourists go to this luxurious coffee house not only to enjoy its stunning scenery but to taste their mouthwatering Hungarian chocolates and cakes as well.

4. Cafe De La Paix (Paris)

Although Cafe De La Paix is not advertised in the guidebooks of Paris, this coffee house is one of the most famous cafes worldwide. The reason is that it has the most stunning interior compared to other coffee shops in Paris. Plus, this cafe also offers some of the most delicious French pastries.

5. Cafe Central (Viena)

As you know, Viennese cafes are the inspirations of countless coffee shops in the world, and Cafe Central is the most beautiful cafe in Vienna. Additionally, this coffee house is also the meeting place of the most influential figures of the twentieth century, including Sigmund Freud and Adolf Loos.

Today, Cafe Central is not only the favorite hangout of local intellectuals and artists. It is also one of the most popular tourist attractions of the city.


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