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The Most Beneficial Skin Care Trends of Summer

Innovation is always happening. As such, there are always new trends in the beauty and skincare industry. However, not all trends are beneficial for your skin. For this reason, it is best to research the trend to ensure they offer optimum benefits. So, what are the most beneficial skincare trends of summer?

1. Powerful Powders

Summer is the time when most people prefer to travel. Unfortunately, most liquid skin care products lead to spillage when you’re on the road. The good news is that you can now opt for powdered formulas, which are travel-friendly. Plus, these products contain beneficial ingredients. Best of all, they are also environmentally friendly.

2. Cryotherapy

One of the most beneficial skincare trends for summer is cryotherapy. Most of you are probably familiar with this treatment because of its popularity on social media platforms. To be specific, the trend involves rubbing frozen cucumbers on your face to reduce puffiness. To explain further, cold temperature can contract your blood vessels. As a result, your pores will tighten and become firmer. Aside from that, cryotherapy can also boost your skin’s ability to absorb topical products, increasing their effectiveness.

Keep in mind that professional cryotherapy treatments are quite expensive. However, you can buy affordable devices that you can use at home to boost the effectiveness of your skin care regimen.

3. Focusing on Skin Barrier

Another skincare trend that can offer benefits is the focus on the skin barrier. As you know, your skin has a protective barrier. Products that contain hydrating ingredients are beneficial, especially this summer season, because they can minimize irritation. Aside from that, more and more people are also choosing gentler formulations with ingredients, such as probiotics and peptides, to help repair their skin barriers.

4. Lip Care

This summer, lip balms are revamped. Aside from their moisturizing effects, a lot of lip balms also have SPF to protect your lips against the sun’s damaging effects. Additionally, some lip care products also contain plant-based retinol to reduce fine lines. Always remember that lip balms are essential this summer to ensure that your lips are healthy and plump.

5. Refillable Beauty

Aside from those beneficial skincare trends of summer, another great trend is refillable beauty. As you know, more and more beauty brands are offering sustainable and eco-friendly products. One way to help save the environment is to opt for refillable skin care products. These products are not only budget-friendly. They can also help lessen the waste.

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