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The Mid-Long Haircut for Summer

We’re seeing a shift in hair trends on some of the most popular celebrities, going from super long mid-back lengths, to shorter, sleeker dos just below the shoulder and above the ribcage. You can see celebrities and even our own VIVA GLAM supermodels are embracing this cut, eliminating some of the weight and bulk of the long, full hair we’d been seeing for so long.


This length is perfect for summer since the lighter hair will keep you much cooler. And you will love the versatility. You can wear this length straight, smooth, and sophisticated or you can curl and tease it for a more sexy style.
Either way, cutting off your ends will make your hair look much healthier.


This length looks great with some sun-kissed highlights for summer and layers to frame your face, depending on your face shape. And if you ever want to add length, clip-in hair extensions will come in handy.



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