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Learning the Main Differences Between Google and Facebook Ads for Your Fashion Brand

The fashion industry is a 3 trillion dollar industry. There is a high demand and, despite the number of brands in the market, there is still room for more.

However, it is a highly competitive environment. So, there is an urgent need to stand out, especially since e-commerce is continuing to rise in popularity. 

Now, the competition is more than just about store visits. You also have to consider website traffic, engagement rates, and online sales. 

Fashion marketing has fully embraced the Internet. It is one of the industries that first hopped on the digital marketing bandwagon. You can see this with the growing number of social media influencers

If you are a new player, you may be overwhelmed with all the available methods online. You may want to try all of them at once or not know what to choose first. Among these options are Google and Facebook ads.

What are Google and Facebook ads?

Google and Facebook ads are two popular digital advertising platforms that brands utilize to promote their business. 

Many people think that you should only focus on one platform, so there are a lot of debates about which platform is better. However, others advise using both to ensure that all your ads are running and that new business keeps coming.

But if choosing is inevitable, you should learn everything you can about the two to make the right decision.

Google Ads

Formerly known as Google AdWords, Google Ads is a pay-per-click advertisement wherein businesses only have to pay for their ads when someone clicks on them.

It allows you to target potential customers, generate leads, and encourage traffic to your website and physical stores cost-effectively. 

Google Ads runs on the most widely-used search engine. So, there is an excellent chance that many people will see your brand. 

It offers different forms of ad campaigns. The most popular is the search ad campaigns. Here, Google places your paid ads on top of the search engine results pages (SERPs) when someone types the exact keywords that the ads used.

There are also video, app, and shopping ad campaigns. Google can display them on its other platforms like YouTube and Google Play.

Businesses have been using Google Ads since its launch in 2000. So, you can be sure that it is one of the most reliable advertising strategies out there.

Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads is also PPC advertising like Google Ads. However, it targets potential customers using Facebook, which comprises almost 3 billion people.

In addition, the social media site offers different forms of ads. You can choose a photo, carousel, slideshow, or video. They can also be lead form ads or dynamic ads.

Facebook gives you several marketing objectives to choose from when creating your ads. Some options are brand awareness, engagement, lead generation, traffic, and conversions. Specifying your goals helps you put together the perfect campaign for your brand.

Moreover, you can specify who your target audience is. 

You can indicate specific information like location, age, and gender. However, Facebook even goes another step further by allowing you to target people based on their interests and behaviors.

Facebook also has several locations wherein it can display your ads. 

You can choose if you want your ads to be on both the desktop and mobile versions of the social media site. You can also display it on Instagram, Messenger, or Facebook Stories.

What should you choose?

Choosing between Google Ads and Facebook Ads should involve thorough thinking. It would be best to consider several factors before making a decision.

  1. Your goals and objectives

Before creating a paid advertisement, you have to set clear objectives for your campaign. It can be to boost your web traffic or target new customers. Once you settle that, you are already a step closer to choosing the right platform for you.

Digital Authority reports that Google Ads excels in targeting audiences who already intend to buy. Meanwhile, Facebook Ads are ideal for increasing brand awareness. 

  1. Your target audience

Both Google and Facebook have many users. They are the top search engine and social media site, respectively. However, ads are effective if they have a specific target.

If you are a new fashion brand, maybe Facebook Ads is the better choice as it can target a specific audience based on their interests and behaviors. So, it can help you introduce your brand to many people.

  1. Your buyer’s journey

A buyer’s journey refers to where a buyer is in terms of how far they are into buying something. Everyone goes through certain stages before purchasing. People take time to recognize their needs, options, and decisions.

Unlike the people who search for products on Google, Facebook users do not have any plans of buying anything. However, this should not discourage you, as your ads can make them realize that they have particular needs.

  1. Your budget

Google Ads and Facebook Ads may be more affordable than other forms of advertising, but you should still put aside a fixed budget for them. However, this does not mean you should go straight to the cheapest option.

Study both methods and determine which one will give you a higher return of investment (ROI). For instance, Facebook Ads may cost less than Google Ads, but the latter is the platform that can give you more conversions.

Final Words

There should be no competition between Google Ads and Facebook Ads. 

Both can help you promote your brand, especially in the highly competitive fashion industry. Also, one can help you more depending on what you want to achieve at a particular moment.

What matters is that you set a clear goal and do every step right. Research the dos and don’ts for both methods to avoid making mistakes. Both have different processes, so make sure you study them carefully.

In addition, just like with fashion, Google Ads and Facebook Ads are subjected to the changes in digital marketing trends. 

While they may remain effective, some parameters may suddenly stop working, like the keywords you used. Hence, you have to monitor them closely once they launch. 

It is crucial to catch the things that have already stopped working so that you can make the necessary changes. If not, you may lose a lot of opportunities and not get your desired ROI. 

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