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The Importance Of Vacation for Overachievers

Vacation is everyone’s favorite time. It’s a break from work and you have the opportunity to sleep in and eat whatever you want. However, for over-achievers it can be REALLY hard to stop working and to take advantage of a vacation without feeling guilty. It’s not that vacation isn’t enjoyable; it absolutely is. But us over-achievers get joy simply from accomplishing our goals and working hard. In fact, it makes us sleep better at night. Here is why vacation is uber important for us hard-working types!


You’ll start to resent your work. Even if you enjoy working hard, accomplishing goals without taking time for yourself will ultimately result in you resenting your work. This is because you will tend to sacrifice social activity and vacation time and it could affect not only personality relationships, but more importantly, your mental health. You need to be able to take time off in order to appreciate your hard work.


We’ve all heard it said that good can’t exist without evil, peace can’t exist without chaos, and the same is true with balancing time at work with vacation time. If you worked hard all the time, it would lose the joyful aspect and sense of accomplishment. Everyone has their own personal harmony and it’s all about finding what’s right for you.


Often hard workers tend to sacrifice spending quality time with others to try to further their goals or accomplish their dreams. There’s nothing wrong with being passionate about making your dreams come true, but what if they come true and you have no one there to share your success with you? It’s important to let yourself have FUN and to make memories with those you love. Your support system is unbelievably important and it takes a certain upkeep to make sure these relationships stay strong. After all, once you’ve achieved ultimate success you want to make sure those who you love support you and have your back through all the ups and down.


When you are constantly at work, or working from home, you can become uninspired easily with routine and the same scenery. Vacation is a great way to experience something new and to become inspired by your surroundings. That way you can come back home to your space of comfort and appreciate it that much more.


This is something I experience so often. Whenever I’m on vacation, or doing something fun, I always feel this deep guilt that I could be spending my time working and furthering my career instead. However, this relates to spending quality time with others in the sense that making memories are so important and are ultimately one of the most valuable things to have in life. It’s more valuable than any amount of money. As long as you find your own work-to-play harmony, you should be able to feel OK with allowing yourself to have a little fun once in a while! It’s so important to give back to yourself!

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