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The Hottest 2020 Spring Makeup Trends

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The 2020 spring makeup trends say it’s time to break up with your beloved neutral eyeshadow palettes. You can stay friends, or even begin a new romance sometime in the future. Let’s leave that for moodier seasons with rain and snow! For now, enjoy your creative freedom and dare to experiment with bold hues and fun makeup techniques that can give you a whole new look. We gathered the prettiest 2020 spring makeup trends that you’d want to try ASAP. After all, why wait until it’s officially spring? Get ahead of everyone by recreating some of the trendy looks below.

Planet Makeup

spring 2020 makeup trends
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The Pinterest searches for “planet makeup” are sky-high at the moment. Galaxy-inspired glam that consists of electric hues in a holographic finish is the trendiest way to say hello to spring in style.

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