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The Haute Couture Makeup Trend Will Change The Way You Do Full Glam

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Embrace the ’90s Matte Smokey Eye

makeup haute couture trend
Photo By @nikki_makeup/Instagram

The insanely sexy classic smokey eyes is yet another ’90s trend that’s hot RN. The all-matte aesthetic gives you a glamorous look that you can wear from day to night. Of course, you’ll want to deepen the smokey effect as the night falls, but it’s a universally flattering look that doesn’t leave room for mess.

Upgrade To Lower Falsies

makeup haute couture trend
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In 2019, false lashes are an inseparable part of full-glam looks. But scrolling on Instagram, we’ve noticed that makeup artists are starting to upgrade their looks with almost invisible false lower lashes. This makeup trend makes the eyes pop without looking too loud or unnatural.

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