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The Happiest Countries With the Happiest People

Though happiness is never guaranteed throughout the course of one’s life, there are countries that appear to have happier people most of the time. Is it worth a move? Take a look at the happiest countries that have the happiest people and decide for yourself! Did your country make the list?


Swedish people get to celebrate natural beauty and a supreme quality of life; and no wonder, when you consider all that Sweden has to offer! It has wonderful public services and world-renown attractions like the Aurora Borealis, and it has incredibly unique accommodation options like ice hotels. Celebrations occur year round that highlight just how good life is in Sweden.


Where to begin with Australia? Crime rates are low, beaches are paradise, the weather is mild, the people are laid back and go about life as if there’s no care in the world.

New Zealand

Speaking of the most gorgeous location on earth, have you been to New Zealand – the country that actually has more sheep than citizens and boasts amazing coastal views complete with lush mountains where wildlife is abundant? Take a look at a few images of the country itself, and you’ll quickly see why the people who do live there are so happy.

The Netherlands

Its residents and its tourists are incredibly content, and perhaps it’s because of its charm that’s evident via an abundant supply of tulips and canals. Perhaps it’s because of its widely acclaimed red-light and coffee shop districts that rarely let a resident or tourist down in terms of experience. No matter what it is, there’s no hiding the fact that those who find themselves in the Netherlands, find themselves with smiles on their faces.


The legendary Santa Claus finds his home in Finland, and you know that wouldn’t be the case if Finland was a particularly grumpy place to live. The Aurora Borealis can be seen incredibly clearly from most parts of Finland, as its cities are free from air pollution. It’s rarely crowded, but we don’t know why when you consider all it has to offer.


Norway has it all. the whole package. It’s one of the most economically prosperous countries in the world, it’s incredibly safe and very charitable, and it has some of the most breathtaking views on the earth today when you behold its one of a kind Fjords.


People in Switzerland are happy because it has what everyone else wants: neutrality, tax loopholes, and an abundance of chocolate. In Switzerland, daily chocolate consumption is the norm because it’s considered to be great for medicinal properties as well as dessert. No wonder they’re so happy.


Residents of the rest of the world will feel spoiled when they move to Denmark, the country that has free undergraduate education, free healthcare, paid holiday and year-long maternity leave for its citizen. Above any and every other nation in the world, it’s very plain to see why the people of Denmark are so happy: it’s because they’re treasured and treated so well.

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