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The Guide to Wedding Invitations: Everything You Need to Know to Make Them Memorable

What is known about wedding invitations?

They start the celebration… Wedding printing is not only invitations, it is an individual, exclusive accessory that will complete the style at your wedding.

Many engaged couples struggle to find the right words to write in their wedding invitations. Create something truly unique and original, or rely on the advice of professionals? Or you could have the printing company produce generic cards and simply personalize them with your names. What to include in a wedding invitation?

How to choose wedding invitations and when to send them

Knowing your preferred bridal aesthetic is crucial. How fancy/relaxed should guests dress? Does a wedding have a certain style? 

The next step is to identify your primary hues. If you’ve already decided on a wedding planner, they can assist you in establishing a color scheme and mood boards to use as references throughout the planning process. 

It is very important to offer guests an indication of what to expect from the event in the letter. This is the only rule that should not be violated when choosing wedding invitations.

If you want your invitation to be beautiful and unusual, you can order a unique invitation for a wedding by y visiting the pietrapaperdesign website. Here they know exactly how to make your own wedding invitations perfect for you. 

Bridal cards must be delivered on schedule. Guests should be given sufficient time to get ready for the vacation. Pick out and purchase bridal attire and accessories, as well as arrange work and travel plans around the wedding date.

Taking into account how far in advance should you send wedding invitations can help you address this issue. Guests should be invited at least two to three months in preparation, and a prior warning may be necessary if they will be traveling a great distance.

What to write

The following details are typically included on bridal invitations:

  • Guest name
  • The names of the future spouses
  • When, where, and at what hour will the party be held? (you can separately specify the start time of the ceremony and banquet).

Possibly, but not necessarily:

  • if you have any wishes for a dress code and gifts
  • is it possible to take the children with you
  • location map (can be made as a separate insert)
  • If visitors are to be moved, please specify the time and location of the transportation.

Types of invitations

Let’s analyze the types of invitations and their submission:

  • paper
  • electronic
  • video invitation
  • website

Sometimes you can combine several formats when you give paper invitations to close relatives and send electronic ones to friends.

What to include in the wedding invitation to make it more fabulous?

Elegant wedding invitations set the tone. The current tendency in wedding cards is clearly toward personalized text, material selection, distinctive arrangement, and general design that fits the theme of the event. What else to include in the wedding invitation?

  1. High-quality thick textured paper.
  2. Beautiful fonts, but no more than three or it will look “hodgepodge”.
  3. Beautiful and neat, unobtrusive pattern with natural motifs.
  4. Wax seal – makes invitations even more original.
  5. Metallic font – definitely adds a touch of chic to your invitations, but, admittedly, this can greatly increase their real value.

People want to focus on what matters most. Unity of color, laconic fonts without illustrations. Such invitations will only become more popular from year to year.

Errors in invitations

  • Do not specify a dress code. Guests do not know what style and color palette they should dress in, and you risk that they will dress differently, violating the uniform style of the evening.
  • Do not specify who you are inviting. Write in the invitation that it is designed for only one person or, conversely, that you can take your chosen one or your chosen one or children with you. Pay special attention to this so as not to see unexpected guests at your holiday.
  • Invite at the last moment. Guests also need to prepare: free up a day for your wedding, buy an outfit and maybe even a train or plane ticket. The minimum period before the date of the wedding, for which it is worth sending out invitations, is 2 months.
  • Settle for boring invitation-cards from the store.

In addition to invitations, you may need: a seating list for guests, an activity plan, a memo for guests.

Recommendations from the wedding planner

  1. Write the names of guests the way you would address them in real life.
  2. Check and double-check guest names before final print invitations are sent.
  3. Print a test invitation. Only by holding it in your hands, you will understand whether you like this particular option.
  4. You can create themed invitations that reflect your interests, tastes, hobbies, wedding location or the history of your acquaintance.
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