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The Facial Features of Each Zodiac Sign

As you know, your astrological sign may not only influence your personality and behavior but it could very well influence the way you look, as well. For instance, most people born under the sign Taurus will supposedly have sensual lips, while a lot of Libra individuals have heart-shaped heads. So, what are the other facial features of each zodiac sign?


According to speculation, Aries individuals have a rugged appearance. Typically, they have a prominent chin, nose, and brows. Aside from that, you may also have a distinct mark, like a mole, on your face.


As mentioned, Taurus people supposedly have full and sensual lips. It’s also rumored that most of them have an ovular or square-shaped head. You may also have a prominent jaw, and your nose could be a bit round.


For Geminis, most of them have shiny eyes that make their faces expressive. Those eyes also give an impression that they are filled with energy even when they are resting. Lastly, it is said that most Geminis have a straight nose and a high forehead.


Most Cancer individuals have soft facial features with a small nose and high cheeks. Aside from that, they are also said to have a round face, and most of them have a fair complexion.


People born under the sign of Leo have strong features. Typically, they have a wide forehead and a large nose. Plus, many have almond-shaped eyes, which are dark in color.


Most Virgos have a discreet and serious look, but their eyes are bright and clear. Aside from that, they don’t have distinct features, which is perfect; they don’t want to be noticed. Even so, people will still notice them because they usually look younger than their age.


Most Libra individuals have pleasant features. To be specific, they usually have a nice nose and lips. They can also have dimpled cheeks or a cleft chin, and they most likely have a great smile.


Many people born under the Scorpio sign have square-shaped faces. Additionally, they may also have well-defined features. For instance, they could have prominent cheekbones and piercing eyes that make them look serious. Lastly, they also have sensual lips.


Most Sagittarius individuals have welcoming faces, thanks to their great smiles. Aside from that, they could also have lovely eyes that make them charming.


A lot of Capricorns have a serious look about them because of their deep-set eyes. Even so, they can possess fine facial features, like a long nose. Most people will notice their teeth, which could be straight or crooked.


For Aquarius individuals, most of them have bright and shiny eyes. They are also said to have a high forehead and dark, straight hair.


People born under the sign of Pisces are charming individuals, thanks to their lovely smiles. They also have hypnotic eyes that will surely catch everyone’s attention.

All in all, these are the facial features of each zodiac sign. Keep in mind that you will not possess all these traits. Most of you will probably have one or two traits influenced by your astrological sign.


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