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The End of Split Ends

Ladies, the truth of the matter is that there is absolutely nothing that will seal those splits ends together permanently. The answer to split ends is simple, cut them off!

It is important that you get a trim or cut with a professional hair stylist. Shears must be professional and sharp. Having your hair cut with sharp shears will put an end to those pesky split ends! Having the stylist cut one and a half inches above those pesky split ends will prevent them from returning. Do not attempt to cut the spit ends yourself with dull sheers, this will only damage your hair more and cause more split ends.


If you have long hair and you want to keep it long it is imperative that you get regular trims to keep the length and health.

The oldest parts of your hair are the ends; the ends are more susceptible to breakage and splitting, causing it to appear thinner.

If your hair contains chemicals, like relaxers, colors, highlights, and perms the hair is more likely to have damage; therefore, regular haircuts are a must. Long hair should be trimmed every eight to twelve weeks. If you notice more breakage your trim should be every six to eight weeks.


If you like the length of your hair be sure to trim every six to eight weeks. If you are attempting to grow out your length trim your hair every eight to twelve weeks.


Short hair should be trimmed every four to eight weeks to keep the shape of the style. If you are attempting to grow out your length, trim ever six to twelve weeks.


Another thing, be sure to lay off the hot styling tools! Anytime you use the heat to style your hair (blow dryers, straighteners, curling irons, etc.) it is damaging your hair. I understand that these tools have become necessary for our daily survival, but try not to use them every day. If you can, try go natural for a few days. If you are staying home, use that time to treat your hair to a home remedy. When washing your hair let it dry naturally. Also, use plenty of conditioner when showering, as well as a hair mask once a week. A leave-in conditioner or hair oils will lubricate your hair, leaving it super smooth to the touch, but will also help prevent damage, in turn, preventing split ends. Setting your tools to a lower heat setting is also smart. Do some research when purchasing better tools for your hair.

After getting a trim or haircut it’s a great idea to follow home remedies so that the hair ends don’t stand a chance to split again.
Stay tuned for my next week’s article on choices of home hair remedies.

Ladies keep those hair ends in control remember if your cant fix it cut it!

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