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The Dirty Brunette Hair Color Trend Will Give You a Fall-Ready Look

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The start of a new season doesn’t necessarily require a major change. There are many new trends, especially in the hair department, but it seems that most of them are gravitating towards creating a more natural look this season. The dirty blonde hair has been very popular in the past, and now brunettes have their very own dirty hue that’s trending for fall. If you want to refresh your look, but can’t imagine parting ways with your beloved brown hair, the dirty brunette hair color will do the trick! Below we gathered the most beautiful takes on this hot trend, so keep scrolling for inspiration!

dirty brunette hair color trend for fall
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Photo By @redken/Instagram

The dirty brunette hair color is just as gorgeous as it’s lighter sister dirty blonde. The hue consists of a brunette base mixed with golden blonde highlights to create a dimensional and warm aesthetic. Recreate this dramatic take on the dirty brunette hair for a bombshell look.

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