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The Dangers of Oversleeping

I will be the first to admit that I am obsessed with sleeping. One of the feelings I hate most in this entire world is the feeling of being tired. Since I am an HSP, whenever I am tired I become cranky, moody and unpleasant to be around. I have to live a high-maintenance lifestyle to ensure that I am getting enough sleep, especially on work days and days where I will be doing a lot of physical activity.

However, there are times that I will absolutely abuse my love and adoration for sleeping. If we’re being honest, I am actually the Queen of Regression. Whenever there is tension or conflict, my natural instinct isn’t to confront…it’s to step aside. Of course, when life becomes a roller coaster, when I get overwhelmed and when I have trouble controlling my anxiety, my natural response is to sleep. That’s right. I start taking naps every day. Instead of dealing with what I need to deal with, sometimes my fear is so great that I can’t deal with staying awake and my only way to cope is to fall asleep.

Most people encourage naps and even say they are healthy for you; but when you OVER-nap, it can cause a huge problem. One of the biggest problems I noticed is that I started to become completely drained of energy and couldn’t complete all of the tasks I needed to complete. There is a large amount of grogginess that comes with napping too much and it makes things such as driving and physical activity super difficult, thus causing weight gain.

Not only does over-sleeping cause grogginess and laziness, but it causes depression and/or mood swings. When I over-sleep I actually become MORE foggy, which of course causes crankiness. I’ve never felt so depressed in my life (aside from when I am going through a break-up) than when I sleep too much. In addition to depression, your body starts to crave napping even when you are getting well over eight hours a night and this just ruins your entire natural internal cycle of your body. Everything from my eating schedule to my ability to exercise multiple times a week got completely screwed up.

Moral of the story, is to not abuse your body’s ability to rest. Naps are a wonderful tool for healing and rejuvenation but only within a certain harmony. It’s not healthy to avoid your fears and negative emotions by sleeping through it. Don’t abuse your nap time so it loses its wondrous effect.

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