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The Clean Color Makeup Trend is an Effortless New Way to Wear Splashy Hues

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While Instagram makeup artists have been obsessed with color for quite a while now, it took us some time to introduce these bright hues into our routine. Some beauty junkies, however, have never dared to rock a full-neon glam to this date. Whether you fall into this category or wish to wear these bright hues more effortlessly, the new makeup trend will help you achieve just that. Coined by Dior makeup artist Ricky Willson, the clean color makeup technique will give you a fresh and dramatic look without the fuss. It’s perfect for those who like to play with color but not go full beat. Discover all the details on how to nail the clean color makeup trend below.

clean color makeup trend
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Photo By @priscillaono/Instagram

What exactly is clean color makeup? As the name suggests, this aesthetic consists of pairing splashy hues with minimalistic skin and lips. There are endless ways to hop on this trend, from multicolored makeup looks to simply adding a wash of color on your lids.

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