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The Classic Games We Continue to Play

Although there are new and exciting developments in the gaming industry every day and increasingly developers look to target women, many of us still play games that are relatively old. Playing classic games can bring back some good memories, provide comfort and fill you with nostalgia. These are a few of the classics we continue to love today.


Bingo is a game that anyone can play and appreciate, particularly as now it has found a new home in online casinos. It has been resurgent as people increasingly opt to play online bingo at Paddy Power or other online casinos rather than games such as poker, slots, or roulette. Online bingo follows the same process of dabbing off numbers, but you’ll be tapping or clicking action buttons on your phone or laptop. When you make a line or additional combination of numbers, you win a prize.

The ease of playing whenever you have a little free time and the enjoyment of developing different systems to be successful makes this a classic game that will continue to appeal to all.  

Candy Crush

There have been many similar games developed of the free-to-play match-three puzzle game genre in recent years, but Candy Crush remains the top dog. Created by developers King and originally popular with Facebook gamers, this game continues to retain a loyal fanbase of predominantly women.

Although it doesn’t attract the same amount of traffic or in-app purchases as it did in its heyday, the game still has around 250 million users who play it more than once per month. There have been popular spin-offs, such as Soda Saga and Jelly Saga, which also generated huge profits for the developers. Its appeal for women could be that it’s casual, visually attractive, and there is a level of fulfillment once they complete a level. As one of eight mobile games to surpass $1 billion in global player spending during 2021, Candy Crush isn’t going anywhere soon.

Stardew Valley 

Another blast from the past that is still extremely popular today. Even with a significant number of newer games of the same genre, Stardew Valley still boasts an average of 30,000 monthly players and most of these are women. Stardew Valley is a simulation role-playing video game released in 2016 by Eric Barone/Sickhead Games/ConcernedApe and through frequent updates, isn’t as antiquated as you might think. Its popularity among women is the casual and laid-back gameplay, but also the satisfaction of a job well done.

This one might well become less popular soon as a sequel is in development called Haunted Chocolatier. It promises to be another cozy gaming experience with plenty of resources to collect and people to meet. It should be another must-have for many gamers.

These are just a handful of the games we continue to love playing and although there are some big new games due for release early in 2022, our desire to play the classics remains strong. Playing old video games isn’t a pointless trip down memory lane for gamers that refuse to move on. It’s a return to the cherished memories of our past and a reminder that great gameplay will never go out of fashion.  

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