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The Chicest 90s Hair Looks With a Modern Twist You Can Wear Today

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Look around and you might gain the impression that we’re living in the ’90s. From crop tops to glitzy hair clips to jelly nails, we can’t get over all of the cool trends that were popular back in the ’90s. How we do hair is another aesthetic that has been heavily influenced by this iconic decade in the past years. Flipped ends, supermodel blowouts, scrunchies, you name it – it’s probably trending in 2020. Who can blame us? The ’90s have left many stunning hairstyles that are simply too good to become history. We sourced the chicest 90s hair looks with a modern twist you can wear today. Scroll down for a major ’90s revival.

90s hairstyles to wear today
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Photo By @justinemarjan/Instagram

Brought back in the spotlight by celebs and influencers alike, flipped 90s hair is one of the biggest trends right now. You can level up any hairstyle, even the simplest pony with flipped ends.

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