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The Boldest Colors and Patterns that are Trending for Summer

Colors and patterns can give some dramatic designs a distinctive look. For this reason, choosing the right color or pattern can take your look from average to exceptional in the blink of an eye. Fortunately, summer is the perfect season to play with different shades and prints. So, if you’re searching for popular hues you can wear, here are the boldest colors and patterns for summer 2022.

1. Hot Pink

Hot pink reflects the freshness and joy of summer, and it is a good choice for those who like to wear feminine shades. Aside from that, this bold shade is also a good option if you want to make a statement. You can wear this color together with neutral shades like beige and white. The result is bold and sophisticated attire.

2. Daffodil Yellow

Daffodil yellow is one of the boldest colors and patterns for summer 2022. It is a happy color that radiates joy. Plus, it is a good choice if you don’t want to wear a bright shade. Remember, this color is a combination of bright yellow and orange-yellow. As such, it is not as eye-catching as bolder shades of yellow. Still, it looks chic and elegant. You can also pair it with violet, white, and blue if you want to play with different colors.

3. Poinciana Red

If you want to wear a bold color with a little bit of dramatic note, you can opt for poinciana red. This shade is bright, flirty, and seductive. As such, it is a good color choice if you want to shine at an exciting event. You will certainly look chic and elegant if you wear this shade.

4. Rugby Stripes

Another great option in this list of boldest colors and patterns for summer 2022 is rugby stripes. As you know, stripe patterns have always been available in the past years. The difference is that there is a slight variation in their appearance. This year, rugby stripes are combing back, thanks to the rise of preppy-styled clothing. Wearing rugby stripe prints is a good option if you want to look trendy and stylish.

5. Groovy and Mod

As you know, prints can give your wardrobe some vibrant color. One of the boldest patterns coming back this season is the groovy and mod. This print design has been popular during the 60s and 70s, thanks to its fun and appealing nature. Today, this pattern comes in various forms. You can opt for fabrics printed with blurred watercolor art and tie-dye. Plus, you can pair these colorful prints with neutral shades for a modern look of this stylish pattern.

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