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The Black Espresso Hair Color Trend is Here to Energize Your Fall Days

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The weather is still lovely, so you might be a bit too comfortable with your sunkissed look to even think about the upcoming season. But, there’s no denying that fall will soon be here and with it an array of new trends. For the fashionable ladies who like to keep their style up to date, we have the hair color that will rage supreme this season. It’s named after the life saving caffeinated drink black espresso and it looks as delicious as it sounds. Keep on reading to find out our favorite takes on the black espresso hair color trend.

black espresso hair color trend
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Photo By @hairbyamybee/Instagram

Moody colors match the fall aesthetic, and this one is a perfect fit. The black espresso hair color is somewhere between dark brown and black, with yummy chocolaty highlights most noticeable under sunlight. Add contrast to your hair by dyeing some strands in a lighter shade to create dimensional highlights.

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