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The Biggest Leap of Faith is More Like a Drop

“The heart sees that which is invisible to everything else.”
~ Bo L. Arnold

What’s it all About?

A leap of faith is often associated with religion. In this context, it means believing in something uncertain, intangible or improvable. But, today, it’s not about religion or uncertainty. Today, a leap of faith is about choosing between illusion and reality, between fear and love, between your head and your heart. The leap of faith we are talking about here is the courage to change the filters we typically use to perceive and experience life. So the leap of faith isn’t really a leap .¨ it’s just a short drop of 18 inches from your head to your heart; from your conditioned thinker to your eternal lover. And why make this leap?
Because living your life filtered through your heart provides a true and clear picture of what is happening in the moment. It connects you with reality, clarity, ease, peace and health. Not a bad start.

Most of us navigate through life unaware that we have options to see things different than we do. We think and act in specific ways whenever we are faced with a situation or when we interact with someone. These reactions are so automatic that we don’t even think about them. And we rarely question them. We see a stimulus and the reaction immediately follows. But, this is merely conditioned thinking, or training, with at least 65 .¨ 70% being negative in nature. However, just because we have always thought of something in a certain way doesn’t mean there isn’t another way to think about it. There is always another way. What is the other way? Love.

I know what you’re thinking, “This is more new age bull about loving everyone and everything”. Well, a little bit, but not really. Hear me out. What I’m talking about is how filtering your life through your heart actually heals your heart. Based on the Center for Disease Control, heart disease is the leading cause of death for both men and women in the US[i] so it looks like we can use all the help we can get in that department. And using love as your filter for interacting with others helps you stay closer and more connected to the ones you love. No more feeling lonely and unloved.

What is the leap of faith all about? It’s about connecting to something that lies deep within all of us; something that connects us all to each other and to everything in the universe.

Two Filtering Systems

Available to all of us are two ways to filter life experiences. One is through the conditioned thinking mind and one is through the timeless heart. To gain a better understanding of this concept, think of the brain and the heart as perception centers. All experiences go through one of these perception centers, but not both. Think of the brain’s main perception system, the conditioned thinker, as an add-on software program that is full of glitches, feeds us a constant line of garbage and rarely works. Now, think of the heart as the original equipment by the manufacturer .¨ it came with the body. It works in sync with all other systems in the body and has been set up to work in our favor. It never fails us and always gives us the right answer.

The add-on software program in the brain is often referred to as the ego. The ego is based on beliefs and opinions handed down from generation to generation. It churns out misinformation or illusions as its main messages are fear and lack. Its mantra, “I’m afraid I’m not good enough”, runs endlessly in our subconscious. Believing that this mantra is real, the conditioned thinking system shows itself each time we attack anything since attack is its main form of expression. The attack manifests as judgment, anger, blame, guilt and resentment. One of its programming glitches is endless analysis with no viable solutions. Its outcomes are separation and chaos.

By contrast, the pure love in our hearts was not taught to us .¨ it is who we are. This is our natural filter for life rather than being man-made. This system is based on reality seeing life as it truly is rather than through handed-down beliefs and opinions, or illusions. It’s mantra, “Only love is real”, has been covered over by the conditioned thinking system, but is never missing from our lives. We see the heart filter in action when we are compassionate, understanding, peaceful, kind and full of gratitude. Its outcomes are clarity and connectedness, to name a few. And to gain all of this, it just takes a leap of faith.or a short drop.

Making the Drop

Are you ready to make the leap, or rather, the drop? Are you prepared to journey just 18 inches from your head to your heart in order to experience a happier and healthier reality? Then you must be willing to see things differently. You must be willing to let go of the repetitive patterns of blame, anger, guilt, regret, grudges, judgments and fears, all created by the conditioned thinker. You must commit to creating heart-based life experiences. Then you must practice.

Using your heart as the main filter for your life experiences is simple. All you have to do is stop using the conditioned thinking system. Stop buying into the stories that the conditioned thinker is telling you. Realize this is an add-on program that you no longer have to follow. The conditioned thinker is spitting out someone else’s ideas about the world and they are not yours. When you do this, the heart is ready and waiting to work with you on your behalf.

Making the shift is simple enough, but not always easy. To gain some perspective, try this: Focus on becoming an observer of your thoughts, your actions and outcomes in your life. This will give you some space to discover the difference between life filtered through your head versus life filtered through your heart. Watch how each filter system operates. Then, start choosing your heart more often when the opportunity arises.

To practice this, you can start with any situation or any person. If you have been holding a grudge against a family member, let it go. You don’t need it anymore. It no longer applies. It happened in the past so it’s over. Release yourself from the pain, stress and suffering that comes with grudges. If you hate someone, stop hating them today. You don’t have to fall in love with them, at least not right away, but stop the pain, suffering and stress you experience by hating anything or anyone. This includes broccoli and Brussels sprouts. Your heart will feel so much better.

The difference between life filtered through your head and life filtered through your heart is drastic. Shifting to the heart filter will help you create an exciting new life experience; one that works in your favor instead of against you. To make this drop, be willing to see everything in a new and different way. Remember, the heart filter is about being aligned who we all truly are at our core .¨ love itself. And love is the ultimate healer. Who doesn’t need some healing?


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