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The Biggest Fall 2021 Wedding Trends

Fall weddings are now gaining popularity. In fact, more and more couples are opting to get married during the autumn season. The reason is due to the colorful trees and rustic appeal of fall, making their wedding more memorable. The good news is that you don’t have to choose a traditional fall wedding. To give you a better view, here are some of the biggest fall 2021 wedding trends that will make your wedding day a unique and remarkable experience.

1. Using Bold Fall Colors

Fall is the season of earth-toned colors, and you can use these shades as a motif for your wedding. Among the most popular fall colors are sapphire, emerald green, burgundy, brass, and amber. If you’re looking for an energetic and exciting hue, you can also use marigold yellow and pair it with a warm shade like dusty mauve. This color combination will look seasonal, but it is unique and unexpected.

2. Outdoor Weddings

One of the biggest fall 2021 wedding trends is outdoor weddings. Remember, fall is the perfect time to connect with nature. As such, an outdoor wedding is not only a great way to enjoy the scenic views. It can also bring out your romantic side, inspiring you to say your vows in a heartwarming and memorable way. Plus, an outdoor wedding has a cozy and inviting vibe that will surely make your guests comfortable.

3. Seasonal Suits

Grooms usually wear neutral-colored suits on their wedding day. But, if you’re going to opt for a fall wedding, you can wear a bolder shade. To be specific, wearing seasonal suits are one of the biggest wedding trends of 2021. Some of the best colors you can wear are teal, rust, scarlet red, or aubergine. These shades will not only make you look stylish. They also add color to your wedding, making it more exciting and unique.

4. Mini Pies

Traditionally, couples serve a piece of their wedding cake to their guests. But, there is a unique and fun way to serve dessert. To be specific, one of the biggest fall 2021 wedding trends is to serve miniature pies, which are adorable and delicious at the same time. Plus, mini pies are easy to make, and they will surely fit the autumn vibe of your wedding.

5. Playing Yard Games

If you’re going to have an outdoor wedding, you can add yard games to your agenda. Remember, yard games can entertain your guests in a unique way. Plus, compared to dancing, games are definitely more fun and exciting. Best of all, they are appropriate for all ages; thus, everyone will have fun on your wedding day.


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