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The Best Vegan Cruises For Summer 2018

Cruises are synonymous with luxury and opulence. The delicious food, the mouth-watering desserts, and the free-flowing cocktails are not the best option if you want to stay fit. Luckily,
more and more cruise lines are starting to offer healthier ways to relax out on the water.
In recent years, major lines have expanded their spa services, yoga classes, and fitness facilities. Besides fitness and health centers, vegan options and full-on vegan cruises have become available for those who follow an
ethical and conscious diet. These are three vegan cruises you might want to consider for a last minute booking or for Summer 2019!

Hop Aboard The Celebrity Solstice

The Celebrity Solstice can carry nearly 3,000 passengers and has become one of the top vegan cruising experiences. Celebrity offers a nine-day vegan cruise on the Solstice in October. Passengers will get to enjoy the usual Celebrity services and activities while enjoying a full vegan menu and taking part in special fitness, meditation, cooking, and nutrition classes.

Join CMV’s Vegan Experience

Another major industry name, CMV (Cruise and Maritime Voyages), also takes part of the wellness trend and offers a plant-based menu cruise. CMV launched a trip to Scandinavia on a new 1,400-person vessel called the Columbus. But instead of designing its own itinerary and menus, the line came to an alternative that could be the future outline for other wellness and special diet trips. CMV partnered with renowned company Vegan Travel, which began organizing river cruises in different European cities and is now expanding to bigger seagoing boats.

Blue World is Here For You

Niche brands have also jumped on the wellness bandwagon. Blue World Voyages is another company that is taking a chance on the vegan cruise trend. The startup is scheduled to launch with three small vessels that are specifically designed and equipped for travelers interested in health and fitness. Meanwhile other lines are willing to offer themed cruises; Blue World wants to stay flexible should the desires of passengers change in the future.
Blue World’s plan is to go beyond, offering their healthy alternative to vegans and fitness lovers and go for a full healthy travel experience. According to their site, “If you live an active lifestyle, and your idea of adventure isn’t hanging out at a fake luau with 4,000 of your closest friends, welcome aboard.”

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These are just some of the options that show that veganism is a real movement and not a passing trend. And if you want a fun, all-inclusive vegan vacation, your dream cruise is just a few clicks away!


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