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The Best Trips to Take According to Your Astrological Sign

There’s never a wrong time to start planning your next vacation. But have you ever thought about choosing your destination according to your zodiac sign? Here are the best trips to take in 2018 based on your zodiac element.Æfire, earth, air or water.


Ariens love adventure, so trips that involve camping, sporting events, or exploring the great outdoors are right up their alley. Chichen Itza, Mexico, or the rainforests of Costa Rica are ideal destinations.



People who fall under this earth sign are nature lovers. They are happiest when surrounded by lush greenery and fresh air. They cannot go without creature comforts, so a luxurious spa vacation in the Napa Valley or Bali is ideal.

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In the quest to learn something new, Geminis tend to jam-pack their trips with activities. They are most at home in fast-paced cities like London or New York.


Creative and sensitive Cancerians love to be near water. They are romantics at heart, so a getaway to the Maldives or a trip to see the awe-inspiring Niagara Falls are ideal.



Leos have a love of showmanship, and a location that helps them express their playfulness and originality is perfect. Their idea of a great vacation would be to head to a music festival or party like the Carnaval in Rio de Janeiro.


People who fall under this zodiac sign are typically planners who love an engaging itinerary that is well thought out. They gravitate towards places that have tons of history and culture like Jaipur in India or the historic city of Rome.


To a Libran, attaining a sense of balance is of the utmost importance. They are likely to be happiest in a place that offers them a mix of urban life, culture, and nature. Cities like Seattle and Los Angeles are perfect since they have so much to offer.

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Intense Scorpios expect a lot from their vacations. Like other water signs, they are drawn to water bodies. They also value privacy. So, the Greek islands of Crete and Ikaria will keep them happy since they are off the beaten track.


Sagittarians are considered the explorers of the zodiac.
They are open to all sorts of new experiences. Destinations like the Tinago Falls in the Philippines or Lake Natron in Tanzania, which are
relatively unexplored,
would offer them the thrills that they seek.


Capricorns are practical people who seek to get their money’s worth from any travel destination. Places like Singapore or Lake Tahoe which offer endless opportunities for fun are ideal for these hard-nosed travelers.

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Aquarians love new ideas, places, and people. They want to do it all and would be just as happy lying on a Hawaiian beach as they would be scaling a Himalayan peak.


The last water sign on the list, Pisceans would be happiest on a tropical vacation. They love to take things at a slower pace, so sipping on a drink by a lake or on a white-sanded beach in Bora Bora would be ideal.


Were these accurate according to your travel preferences? Let us know if this is how you visualize your perfect vacation.



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