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The Best Tips for Wearing Makeup on The Beach

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When it comes to makeup, there’s no such thing as the right time or the right place. You can wear as much makeup as you want and whenever you want including on the beach. Even though many would frown upon the idea of beach makeup on humid, sweat-assy weather, you are free to get all glammed up for the beach! If you want to be extra AF on the beach with sun-kissed look, we got you covered with the best beauty tricks. Yes, you can make the sun and the sand cooperate with your beachy glam. Here’s how:

Never Skip Sunscreen

Wearing sunscreen on your face during summer it’s a no brainer, especially on the beach. However, if you are going to dress your face in makeup, opt for the right sunscreen. There are sunscreen products that have a high SPF, but lighter formulas which are perfect for under makeup. You could opt for a tinted sunscreen to avoid layering many products on your face. This product will even out any imperfections on your skin and protect it at the same time. Whatever sunscreen you choose to use, make sure it’s a quality product that will give you full protection.

Don’t Use Powder Products

The Best Tips for Wearing Makeup At The Beach
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Powder products are a big NO for the beach! Your skin is going to heat up which means your pores will open up. When your pores open up, the products you have on your face will get inside them. Powder products will easily clog your pores if they get into them. You face won’t just look cakey, but you could end up with worse issues because of your clogged pores. If you reapply powder over powder products on the beach, the makeup will start to get thick and will look unnatural.

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