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The Best Shirt Colors to Match Your Dirty Blonde Hair

A rule when choosing the perfect outfit is to choose a color that will match your hair and skin tone. In fact, picking the right shade of clothes can help highlight your features. For instance, the right color can accentuate your golden strands. To help you pick the correct clothing shade, here are the best shirt colors to match dirty blonde hair.

What is Dirty Blonde Hair?

Dirty blonde hair has been around for years; however, many women have grown out of the trend. This year, this hair color is making a comeback, thanks to the creative hair colorists creating gorgeous versions of this shade.

Dirty blonde hair is a mixture of dark blonde and light shades of brown. Usually, this hair color is a cool tone, but colorists can make it a bit warmer by adding bright blonde shades. Some can also make it cooler by mixing ashy hues.

Best Shirt Colors for Women with Dirty Blonde Hair

1. Light Gray

Gray is an excellent shirt color for women with dirty blonde hair because it highlights their delicate look, giving them a girly feel. However, stylists recommend picking a lighter shade of gray to highlight your dark blonde strands. You can also top a gray shirt with a contrasting color, like pale pink, for a complete look.

2. White

One of the best shirt colors to match dirty blonde hair is white. As you know, white can create a beautiful balance with your golden strands. As such, it is an excellent shade for those with dark blonde hair. Plus, a white shirt can blend well with numerous colors; thus, you can style it with ease.

3. Red

Another great shirt color for women with dirty blonde hair is red. Remember, this shade can accentuate your golden locks, making them look stunning and luxurious. However, keep in mind that not all shades of red are suitable for your hair color. Stylists recommend opting for shades like scarlet red, pomegranate, and cardinal. As much as possible, you should avoid darker shades such as burgundy and purplish claret.

4. Pastel Colors

Among the best shirt colors to match dirty blonde hair are pastel colors. As you know, blondes can make pastel outfits stand out. For this reason, you can pick soft shades of blue, green, and lavender to highlight your golden strands. However, you should avoid colors like sage green.

5. Jewel Tones

Many trends for women feature jewel-toned shades because they look great on most people. In fact, jewel tones are flattering for women with dirty blonde hair because they create a contrast to their golden strands. As such, you can opt for shirt colors like emerald green and turquoise blue.

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