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The Best Pre-Workout Routine that Will Help to Get the Most Out of Your Workout

As you know, your workout routine starts before you step out of your door and into the gym. To be specific, you need to establish a solid pre-workout routine that will help get the most out of your workout. As such, the things you do before you exercise can inspire you to push and exercise harder, leading to a better result. So, what are the things to include in your pre-workout routine?

Things To Include in Your Pre-Workout Routine

1. Make a Playlist

As you know, some kinds of music can help pump up your body, allowing you to exert more effort when exercising. Aside from that, the right song will also help you focus on your workout. But, what kind of music should you include in your playlist. According to studies, a song or tune with about 120 to 140 BPM (beats per minute) is a good choice for your workout playlist.

2. Fuel Your body

One of the best things to include in your pre-workout routine is food. Remember, you’ll need ample energy to finish your workout. As such, you need to fuel your body so that it can perform efficiently. Experts suggest that you should eat proteins and carbohydrates before exercising. Of course, it is also vital to drink about 20 ounces of water before your workout.

Keep in mind that timing is important when eating before exercising. In general, there is no specific time when you should eat a snack. Some state that it is okay to eat an hour before they exercise. Some people, on the other hand, may experience digestive problems when they eat an hour before their workout. As such, experts suggest observing your body to determine which time is best suited to eat before exercising.

3. Warm Up

Aside from those things to include in your pre-workout routines, another important thing you should do is to warm up. Keep in mind that you need to warm up because it increases your core temperature and blood flow. From there, your muscles can work efficiently.

The most common warm-up is a low to moderate aerobic exercise, like walking or jogging in place. Afterward, you can also warm up by using a foam roller. Most of you would probably want to skip this step because of the unpleasant feeling of this activity. However, a foam roller can help break bunched muscles, allowing them to contract efficiently. As a result, you’ll be able to get the most out of your workout.


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