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The Best Places for a Photoshoot in South Africa

South Africa is a wild and rugged country, that can quickly morph into interesting cityscapes and coastal landscapes. Thus, if you are planning a trip it can be hard to pick out the best places for a picture. When you want to get some likes and follows, you need the best shots imaginable. Below, we have chosen our two favorite places for a photo shoot in South Africa. 

Valley of Desolation

Though the title of this area sounds quite ominous, it is one of the most outstanding geological sights in South Africa. Situated in Camdeboo National Park in the Eastern Cape, it is formed from piled dolerite columns that stretch up to the heavens. Made from volcanic forces and thousands of years of erosion, it is filled with a unique ecosystem of plants, birds, and mammals. 

The area is great for pictures, as you can get in amongst the formations and also get views over the town of Graff Reinet and the plains. Doing so when the light hits just right, spilling into the nooks and crannies can make a fantastic place for a photoshoot. 

South Africa’s Many Casinos

It is not just the vast natural vista that South Africa is famous for. It also has some extremely interesting cityscapes with nightlife and some of the most interesting brutalist architecture in the world. A lot of this can be found in its casinos, which are just starting to get the attention they deserve. While they don’t have the huge glamour and splendor of Vegas, many are more intimate and well-suited for photoshoots. 

South Africa was actually one of the first to have one of these large complexes, named Sun City. It was opened in 1979 by Sol Kerzner, who would go on to open similar ones in the US. For those who have never visited a casino before, you don’t have to go in as a rookie. If you prefer the comfort of your own home, but still want to learn more about South African entertainment options, try a South Africa online casino and dive into the many games on offer. A plethora of them have attractive welcome bonuses, so you don’t even need a large bankroll to get started.

God’s Window

God’s Window is a haven for artists and photographers, all eager to capture the natural beauty of the landscape. It is the name given to the panoramic view over the Lowveld game reserves. The cliffs plunge an eye-watering 700 meters. Looking out, it seems like the rolling country goes on forever. 

The lookout is situated on the Blyde River Canyon, itself a haven for great pictures. There are other lookout spots along the trail and as it is so vast, you will find it less crowded than other spots. Get to the parking area and you can even find stalls and refreshments to keep you going. 

By no means are these the only photographable spots in South Africa. However, for stunning vistas as a backdrop to your Instagram posts, few will rival these magnificent spots.

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