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The Best Foundations for Oily Skin

Calling all oily-skin victims; we’ve got your back. We’ve all had that moment. You pass by a mirror mid-day and decide to stop and have a glance at your makeup, only to be blinded by the light beams bouncing off the greasy mess that is your skin. Dramatics aside, oily skin can be extremely difficult to work with when applying makeup. Whatever foundation you slather on, your skin seems to just drink it up throughout the day and replace it with oil. Well, we say no more! We’re here to break down these tried and true foundations for oily skin that are guaranteed to last all day and keep oil at bay. Here our top 5 best cruelty free foundations for oily skin!

Kat Von D Lock-It Tattoo Foundation

At the top of the list, the name of this foundation really says it all. Kat Von D’s range of Lock-it Tattoo products are not only made to have enough coverage to conceal tattoos, but they’re also made to stay put all day long. This full-coverage foundation offers a matte finish that lasts 24 hours. The creamy formula contains hydrating properties that make sure your skin isn’t left stripped or cakey, rather it offers a lightweight feel. Pair this with the rest of the Lock-it range, and your face is not moving for anyone!

NYX Professional Makeup Stay Matte But Not Flat Foundation

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Again, the name speaks volumes. This super affordable foundation boasts a full coverage formula while using minerals to give a super matte finish. The trick with this foundation is that it’s been formulated to give a matte finish without leaving your skin flat. Sometimes matte foundations can almost be too matte and leave your skin looking super dry and lackluster. Well, this foundation offers just the right amount of youthful glow without allowing for any grease or shine!

Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Full Coverage Foundation SPF 15

This product has been one of Tarte’s proudest products for years and years now. A holy grail foundation to many, the Amazonian clay full coverage foundations is powered by Tarte’s infamous Amazonian clay that adjusts depending on your skin’s needs. This foundation promises to give a blurring effect while lasting for 12 hours. We love that this also contains SPF15 to give you a bit of extra protection throughout the day!

E.l.f. Flawless Finish Foundation SPF 15

It is crazy to think how amazing this is considering the price point. At a crazy $6, this foundation compares to Sephora’s finest! The flawless finish foundation is an oil-free formula that gives the skin a beautiful matte finish. It works to also help with texture and help to brighten the skin. This easily blended foundation gives the skin a natural dew that can work for oily skin. It controls the oil enough to give you that glow without getting too greasy!

Milani Conceal + Perfect 2-in-1 Foundation + Concealer

Another drugstore gem! The heavy duty Milani foundation claims to also contain concealer which allows it to give some serious coverage. This foundation promises to completely cover everything from under eye circles, redness to blemishes. While it is a thicker texture, once blended in this foundation actually feels pretty lightweight on the skin. The formula is waterproof which allows to counteract any sweat or natural oils from surfacing. Similarly to the last foundation, this one works perfectly for oily skin without stripping it of any glow. The finish does have a bit of dewiness to it, but it’s enough for you to not be scared of! This honestly will keep oil at bay and not budge all day long, while still leaving you glowing!


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