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The Best Fall Looks in Style 2021

Can you believe it? Fall is almost here! Summer is coming to a close, and with it, the close of the hottest season’s wardrobe. The beginning of August welcomes the Fall wardrobe of 2021 and the anticipation of changing colors and everything pumpkin. This coming season is actually our favorite when it comes to fashion, so here are a few looks we absolutely love this year.


We’ll start with the most difficult wardrobe choice of the season: hair. Everyone struggles with it, so we thought we would give you a few nudges in the right direction. Long hair is in! Long, luscious, curly locks seem to be all the rage right now as we transition into colder weather, so consider growing out your hair if you usually keep it short. Longer hair is also trending for men right now. If you are having trouble growing your hair, you might want to consider getting this hair loss treatment for men. Beards are also very cozy, especially during the colder season, so make sure you care for your hair!


Pleats, pleats, everything pleats! This pattern has become very popular within the last year, and it seems to be staying just as popular with this transition to a new seasonal wardrobe. The best-pleated looks include pleated skirts, both long and short (depending on where you live), with high heels or booties. Men’s pleated pants are also in style right now, especially paired with dress shoes. These are a more recent development, so you might be able to beat the majority to this trend!


While this style is obviously a no-brainer, it has definitely had some subtle changes over the years. Layering up is not only super chic but also helps protect you from the cooler weather that Fall brings our way. Layering can be done in multiple ways, but the most popular style is to add a jacket or cozy vest over your shirt that matches well. Wearing a scarf or hat can also help add to the aesthetic for both men and women. However, you might have to wait a bit for some cooler weather before breaking out this cozy style.


While not everyone can pull off a beanie, they continue to stay popular, even up to this year. This style looks great with layers and pretty much every other fall style. The best ways to wear a beanie include a slouchy beanie and a fitted beanie. This hat looks great on pretty much anyone, as long as you pair it well with your outfit. 


This pattern is actually our favorite fall trend because it works so well for this season of changing colors and falling leaves. Warm yellows and rich browns mix well to create the cozy feeling of fall. Plaid can be worn several different ways, but the best way is to wear a short, plaid skirt with leggings. If it’s not quite cold enough for leggings yet, try a plaid top with jeans instead. This gives a scarecrow-like look that is super chic. The fall plaid trend also extends to men’s fashion as well. Wearing a plaid shirt with a cozy vest looks great. Plaid jackets are also very trendy in men’s fashion.


Now that you know the best styles for this Fall, make sure you can take advantage of the most fashionable season of all! Start shopping for these looks if you don’t already have them during this transitional time. Get ready for falling leaves and pumpkin lattes as Fall comes our way!

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