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The Best Fall Hikes in Southern California

2. Deep Creek

The hike to Deep Creek Hot Springs is an intimidating journey to tackle, encompassing 3.6 miles. This trail reveals one of the most beautiful hidden oases you will ever see. After your deceivingly simple hike in and down on a slight incline, a beach is revealed to you. This beach leads you to Deep Creek and its natural hot springs formed into the rocks there. This paradise is something that everyone should see once, as it features the beautifully warm creek and the steaming hot springs formed out of the terrain around the edges of this creek. The photos of this place do not do it justice. You must see it yourself to understand how amazing the scenery is.

After enjoying this paradise, however, the hike back is not easy. The journey back up the mountainside will take a toll on you. It is initially painfully steep, and after that first incline it continues to gradually ascend the rest of the way back. Be sure to have a lot of water, as hiking in the desert must be taken seriously. That is why fall is an ideal time for this hike. The cool weather makes the hot springs feel worthwhile, and the desert isn’t as intimidating when there is a cool breeze.

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