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The Best Essential Oils to Refresh Your Summer

Summer is a great time to refresh your home. One of the best ways to bring freshness to your house is through aromatherapy. As you know, a lot of essential oils can make your home smell clean and fresh. Some are also made with flowers, adding a touch of summertime to your surrounding. Best of all, you can also use some of these natural products to boost your health. So, what are the best essential oils for spring?

1. Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil has potent antimicrobial properties that make it great for cleaning. Plus, it also has an earthy aroma, which will make your home smell fresh and clean.

There are numerous ways to use tea tree oil for cleaning. You can mix a few drops of this essential oil with water to create a cleaning solution. Then, you can use it to clean surfaces and get rid of unwanted odor.

Aside from being a disinfectant, you can also use tea tree oil as a natural remedy for acne. It is also a great product to ease symptoms of respiratory ailments.

2. Lemon Oil

One of the best essential oils for spring is lemon oil. It has a refreshing aroma that will make your home smell amazing. Plus, it also has antimicrobial properties; thus, you can use it for cleaning purposes.

You can make a cleaning solution by mixing a few drops of lemon essential oil with water. From there, you can use it to clean your floor and other surfaces.

Aside from making your home clean and fresh, lemon oil is also good for your body. To be specific, inhaling this essential oil can uplift your mood. Plus, it can also make you feel energized when you’re feeling sluggish.

3. Geranium Oil

The last on this list of best essential oils for spring is geranium oil. Although this natural product doesn’t have antimicrobial properties, it can make your home smell like summertime. The reason is due to its sweet floral aroma.

To make your home smell like summer, you can put a few drops of geranium oil in an oil diffuser. From there, the oil diffuser will spread out the wonderful aroma of this essential oil, creating a serene atmosphere.

As you know, geranium is often used in skincare products. As such, you can put a few drops of this oil in your moisturizer to brighten your skin. Aside from that, this natural product can also help balance your hormones during menopause.

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