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The Best Destinations to Visit Around the Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is one of America’s most popular tourist destinations. The main reason is that it has a lot of natural attractions that will amaze you. The best part is that there are numerous attractions around the Grand Canyon. As such, if you’re in this area, a road trip to these awesome places will make your journey more memorable. So, what are the best destinations to visit around the Grand Canyon?

1. El Malpais National Monument, New Mexico

The El Malpais National Monument is located about 358 miles from the Grand Canyon’s South Rim. It is the perfect destination for travelers looking for adventure. To be specific, this tourist attraction is a volcanic landscape that features sandstone bluffs, lava flows, lava tube caves, and cinder cones. But, most travelers visit this place for an amazing caving or spelunking experience. For instance, when you explore the lava tube caves, you will also see the perennial ice floor and ice columns of the Giant Ice Cave. As such, the El Malpais National Monument is best described as “the land of fire and ice.”

2. Mesa Verde National Park, Colorado

One of the best destinations to visit around the Grand Canyon is the Mesa Verde National Park, especially if you want to witness and experience a unique culture. To explain further, this national park has been protecting the culture of the Ancestral Pueblo people. Here, the visitors are offered a glimpse of the communities built in Mesa Verde’s cliffs and mesas. So, if you want to visit this national park with thousands of archeological sites, it is located about 280 miles from Grand Canyon’s South Rim.

3. Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, Arizona or Utah

You can visit Glen Canyon National Recreation Area if you’re at the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. This tourist destination is a favorite for those who love water-based activities, such as kayaking, fishing, and swimming.

Aside from those activities, you can also rent a boat and cruise around Lake Powell, the second largest lake in the U.S, that is manmade. While cruising the lake, you can also see Rainbow Bridge National Monument, one of the largest natural bridges in the world.

All in all, these are some of the best destinations to visit around the Grand Canyon. As presented, these national parks and attractions are worth visiting because they will make your trip more memorable. So, if you’re in the area, you can make the best out of your trip by visiting these wonderful places.


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